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Updated: Sep 3, 2019

This is me in all my no-makeup glory, sitting in my car on my lunch break as I typically do. Usually, I spend these 30 minutes knitting.

I'm Danielle. 28 years old. Knitting addict. I'm from Bethlehem, PA and if you couldn't tell from the name of the blog... Bethlehem is one of my favorite places. If you've never traveled to the Christmas City, you are missing out. Not only are we the home of Bethlehem Steel, we are also the home of the largest yarn store in Pennsylvania. I happen to live walking distance to that store... And it is dangerous.

Knitting is what I love to do most. I taught myself how to knit when I was a senior in college. Even though I've been knitting for almost seven years, I still feel like I'm a new knitter. Everywhere I look there are more techniques that I NEED to learn.... continental knitting, brioche knitting, mosaic knitting, fair isle knitting, and the list goes on.

If you ask anyone in my life, they would most likely agree that I am obsessed with knitting. There isn't really a day that goes by where at some point I don't think, "I wish I was knitting right now." Usually it is while I'm at work (so I knit on my lunch break), while I'm at the movies, even just hanging out with people. It is not uncommon for me to just break my knitting out of my bag while visiting some friends. It is because of this obsession... no, passion... that I started this blog. I feel like, even though I'm a "newbie" in the knitterverse, I have a talent worth sharing. Every time I finish a project, a sense of pride washes over me. Now, I'm not delusional enough to think that I have enough spare time to sell my creations and actually make a living. But, maybe I can at least share the process I go through and everything that comes up along the way. And hopefully, it'll mean something to someone.

I plan on sharing all of my works in progress, reviews on the yarns I am using, and anything else that just happens to pop in my head and is related to fiber arts. Since Bethlehem is so cool, I will also share some fun tidbits of things that are happening... and of course pictures of that amazing yarn store down the road.

I hope you find joy in all of these things that bring me joy. And if they don't, then I'm sure the random pictures of my two adorable cats that I'm bound to throw in will certainly put a smile on your face.


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